decontructive Tarot

This deck of cards is ment as an inner coordinate system of being human. Each combination of watercolor stains with black symbols works as a node of a psychological and spiritual system. Its pieces, as C.G. Jung suggests, are archetypical. They are the same for everyone.  They can be seen as nodes, or vessels for memory, feelings and notions. Therefore the cards can be used as a tool to distinguish between reality and concepts of reality.  It supports the deconstruction of being human piece by piece. The pursuit of happyness becomes obsolete: Everything a person needs to be happy is already present within.


The Deconstructive Tarot has the same system as the card sets by Arthur E. Waite/Pamela Smith (1920) or the Tarot of Marseille (1752): the major and the minor arcana.

The cards of the major arcana (0-XXI) in the Deconstructive Tarot are polychrome. The cards of the minor arcana (I-X and ·, ··, ···, ····) are monochrome in red, yellow, blue or green.


Here you can see the major arcana only. 
A booklet with raw descriptions exists in german only (link below).



gratis download vom begleitheft

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